Metalite is a versatile job shop specializing in deep drawing metal cans and other stamped parts to your specifications.  We have achieved our preeminence through continual innovation of methods, modernization of equipment, and responsiveness to emerging customer needs.  With our large assortment of metal working presses and tooling we have the versatility to wed the best press or combination of presses to each particular job.  Metalite can deep draw whatever metal part you need on time and with the highest quality.

Metalite makes its own tooling and has a vast stock of dies from which to call upon.  Our abundant stock tooling means shorter lead times for your prototypes and production at much lower cost.

Metalite uses draw presses, not just punch presses with cushions.  We have double action mechanical presses and multiple action hydraulic presses.  Hydraulic draw presses have counter acting cylinders that hold the material during the drawing process.

The multiple cylinder actions allow us to draw and redraw the metal up to three times in one cycle on our state-of-the-art, hydraulic draw presses.  Our presses range in capacity from 50 to 500 tons.  We can draw diameters from less than 1 inch to more than 36 inches and we have drawn parts 20 inches deep.

With technology's newest tool -the microprocessor- we have greater control of pressure levels, speeds and stroke lengths during each press cycle.  We put the raw stock in-usually a flat sheet of metal-and it flows without breaking or wrinkling into a finished part in one pass.

Despite the advances in technology, such as CAD and microprocessor controls, deep drawing continues to be as much an art as it is an exact science.  It is an art that we are always refining, bringing together the talents of our people with the science of modern technology.  Variables in presses, equipment, materials, lubricants, tooling, tolerances and customers' requirements are all factors which come into play when manufacturing our unique parts.
The right presses, precise tooting, and modern technology all contribute to the superiority of our workmanship.  The essential factor, however, is qualified, knowledgeable practitioners.  Every key executive and supervisor has two to three decades of experience within the company. Because we are a job shop, we have gained experience in many different fields.  We understand the special requirements of each part depending, on the industry, the application, and the quality standard.  Only Metalite has so much expertise.  Knowledge bought and paid for by a lifetime of floor experience.

METALITE'S Total Capability
We work in various alloys of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and other metals.  Whatever your metal, in sheet or coil, we can draw, stamp, blank, trim, pierce, shear and bead it.
We have worked thicknesses from .015 to 1.5 inches.  We can circle shear up to 60 inches in diameter.  We can also hydro-mechanical form parts to create shapes and surface details not possible by conventional deep drawing.  We do not limit ourselves.  Just tell us what you need.  Our hand-on management team works with you through every stage of the manufacturing process starting with tooling design and prototype runs and ending with quality production and shipping.

Today, we continue to serve our long time customers, while reaching out to new markets around the world.  We currently make components for dozens of industries.  Metalite-made parts that fly on virtually every commercial aircraft in the free world.  Our parts run on trucks, racecars and motorcycles.  For the rood service industry, we have made drawn elements for floor sinks, dipper wells, milking machines, and hot water tanks for coffee makers.
We make foundryware such as skimmers and ladles.  We deep draw filter housings for agricultural, industrial commercial and home uses.  We draw water trays for the wet cutting of tile in the construction industry.  We fabricate parts for musical instruments and housings for ceiling fans and pool lights.

Metalite has recorded a seven-decade history of progressiveness.  Never content to rest on our laurels, we continue to grow and explore new possibilities.  Metalite is always on the leading edge of deep drawing technology.  With an inventive spirit, Metalite looks forward to a new century of innovation.  Our research and development efforts will contribute new knowledge to the field of deep drawing.  The future looks bright for our company and our customers.

We will continue to get high quality drawn parts out to customers fast.  To do this better demands superior equipment, ingenuity, advanced technology, dedicated employees and pride of craftsmanship.
If you need a shop you can absolutely rely on to do your job right the first time and every time call or fax your specifications to Metalite today.

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