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The above Liner started out as a 12½ diameter aluminum circle.  This aluminum circle was deep drawn four times and then in the final pressing operation the end was necked down and thinned out to allow the spinner ( Samtech International ) to spin the bottle to the finished size.  During the spinning operation the performed cup is spun to make the bottle longer and the side walls thinner.  The final operation will spin the open end down to a three quarter inch threaded port.  The finish size of the bottle is 3.900 diameter by 20 long.


The Picture below is for a tubular skylight  made for "Solatube International, Inc."
The material is 24 ga. aluminized steel.
The hole opening is 10" in diameter and also comes in 14" and 16" diameter.


A high pressure bottle made for "TITEQ CORPORATION".  Material is .120 thick stainless steel, 8.625" dia. X 7.40" long.


Refrigeration cans made for "BECKMAN COULTER".  Material .063 aluminum,  14.125"dia. X 10.750" long.


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